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Out of concern for safety, PROTECTIVE collection was created, aimed at protecting users against hazards in the work environment. The Kegel-Błażusiak® offer includes electrostatic, flame-retardant, acid-resistant clothing, with good visibility, as well as heat and rain protection.
The level of protection and a set of standards that the clothing meets are always adjusted to the number of hazards present at the workplace to provide the user with the highest protection and reduce the risk. Kegel-Błażusiak® clothing undergoes regular assessments carried out by independent institutes that ensure product compliance with the requirements of accepted standards.

Protective clothing of KEGEL-BŁAŻUSIAK® is regulary assessed by independent research institutes that will ensure product compliance with assumed standards requirements


Choose the clothing that provides adequate safety

Clothing is made of impregnated fabrics. The product guarantees protection up to 50 washing cycles by applying the right procedure and choosing chemical agents to renew impregnation during the maintenance process.


Information on the standards met by Protective collection products

EN 1149-5

Intended use: Protective clothing that dissipates static electricity as part of a uniform grounding system to prevent ignition discharges.

For whom?
Working posts in potentially explosive atmosphere, i.e. places where explosive atmosphere exists or may occur (a mixture of flammable gases, vapors, mists or dusts with air, which may be subject to rapid combustion after ignition is initiated)

EN ISO 11612

Clothing protecting against heat and flame.
Classification: A1, A2, B, C, D, E, F
Intended use: Clothing to protect against heat and flame.

For whom?
All persons who work in an environment that generates hazards related to flame, hot media and molten metal splashes, for example employees of foundries, refineries, drilling platforms, road and rail, heating plants, power plants, etc.

EN ISO 20471

High visibility clothing (EN 471)
Intended use: Clothing ensuring the user's visibility for operators of vehicles or other mechanical devices in all lighting conditions, both in daylight and in the dark when illuminated by vehicle headlights.

For whom?
Employees whose work requires visual signaling of their presence, e.g. road workers, logistics centers, warehouses, airports, carriers, suitable in every industry where visibility of the working person is crucial for his safety.

EN 13034

Requirements for clothing providing limited protection against liquid chemicals (Type 6 and Type PB [6])
Intended use: Clothing protecting against chemicals of limited effectiveness, intended for use in situations of potential exposure to fine spray, liquid aerosols or splashes of low pressure and volume, against which a total barrier to penetration of liquid is not required.

For whom?
Individuals potentially exposed to small amounts of sprayed liquid and accidental, slight splashing of liquid, for example employees of chemical plants, laboratories, refineries, tanneries, etc.

EN ISO 11611

Protective clothing for welders and employees in related professions
Classification: A1, A2, Class 1, Class 2
Intended use: This type of protective clothing is intended to protect the user against splashes of small drops of molten metal, short-term contact with flame, heat radiation. Minimizes the possibility of electric shock in case of accidental, short-term contact with electric wires up to 100 V.

For whom?
Welders and those exposed to a similar type and level of risk. When choosing clothing for welders, pay attention to the welding technique that is applied and environmental conditions.

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